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English Version

Михаил Загоруйко
Michael Zagorouiko,
Founder and
Managing Partner of BusinessTranslationSolutions

Quality and Affordable Translation, Interpretation &  Copywriting Services in Moscow

We are just a click away from you!

While doing business in Russia it is very important to know the difference between the local and internationally accepted standards for legal and financial documents. This is where BusinessTranslationSolutions can assist you and become your translation and interpreting services provider: we deal with a complete range of business documents necessary for successful operation of international companies in the local market.

Besides being efficient linguists, our translators and interpreters are professionally qualified in the following fields of expertise: accounting, banking, corporate finance, investments, foreign trade, logistics, management, business letters, legal documents, website localisation, marketing, advertising, mass media and public relations.

We provide our clients with notarised translations, Apostille and legalisation services according to deadlines required.

Our interpreters are available to attend conferences, negotiations, trade shows, wherever consecutive or simultaneous interpretation is required.

We respect your privacy and keep all documents and correspondence in strict confidentiality. Our clients' names are not subject to advertising the advantages of BusinessTranslationSolutions unless the written permission for such action is obtained.

BusinessTranslationSolutions team shall help you to avoid cross-cultural miscommunication and to achieve your goals by providing translations according to the highest standards of industry.

Whatever the question or an enquiry is, please feel free to contact us on +7 903 120 80 57, email or by filling out the online order form. For any urgent matter, please call us anytime!

For further information, please download the profile of BusinessTranslationSolutions in PDF or MS Word formats.

Whether you are planning to or have already started your business in Russia it is very important to find a reliable translation partner, the services of which will help you to communicate, understand and be understood in the best way possible.

International business does always have local issues. All expensive and time-consuming marketing efforts are likely to be a waste of time and money unless proper translation and linguistic research have been done beforehand. There are many examples like Chevrolet Nova which had been a complete failure in Spanish-speaking Latin America and other similar cases. Opposite to this, has anyone tried to market boxwood items to English-speaking countries while their names remain in Russian? Believe it or not, the result of such "export"would have been more than surprising for you! And so on, every little detail is worth great attention. The same is true for legal, financial and other important areas of translation as the systems of law and requirements for documentation are very different.

BusinessTranslationSolutions assists individuals and business clients in translation, interpretation, copywriting, localisation of products and websites; our clients are advised on important matters thereto related and the process of communication and mutual understanding, therefore, is made easier.

We shall appreciate your feedback, proposals, offers, enquiries or questions as this is very important to offer a best custom-tailored service for you.

About Us
BusinessTranslationSolutions is a team of experienced linguists offering a comprehensive linguistic support to English and Russian-speaking business communities as well as to individuals working in Russia and abroad. Our excellent translation and interpretation expertise allows to avoid cross-cultural issues and deliver the best results possible.

This project was set up by Michael Zagorouiko after more than fifteen years of translation experience in various industries, including chemical production for vehicles, import/export of foods and beverages, fine arts, concierge services and private banking. At BusinessTranslationSolutions Michael and his colleaugues are currently working for a number of privately-owned businesses in Moscow: law and accounting firms, PR and event agency.

Translation is always delivered on time, without delays, errors or omissions. We do not use automatic translation tools.
We are offering the following services to individuals and business clients:


  • Document translation for your daily business needs
  • Remote translation while such documents are emailed
  • Documents can be picked up at your office
  • Translation can done at your office
  • Certification of documents by a notary public, provision of legalisation services and Apostille


  • Consecutive interpretation
  • Attending conferences, talks, trade shows and other events
  • Industry-specific simultaneous interpretation (upon request)
  • Certified guide services

Outsourcing/monthly-fee based service:

We can be hired on a monthly basis. If your staff are being busy or do not have relevant expertise (or, simply, enough time), such approach seems to be the best way to have a translation done without hiring additional staff members.

Subcontracting to translation agencies:
We shall be happy to see translation agencies as our long-term business partners. This kind of activity is different to others because of text volumes and industry-specific requirements. We have this experience and are able to deliver perfect solutions to agencies and other employers.

Website localisation:
Global websites always need promotion at a country level taking into account special marketing solutions. Our team can advise on local marketing advantages and assist in translation of content.

Areas of Expertise

  • Audit, accounting
  • Banking, finance, investments
  • Foreign trade
  • Logistics
  • Management
  • Daily business mail
  • Website content of international and local companies
  • Legal documents (contracts, agreements, founding documents &tc.)
  • Marketing, advertising, press
  • Public Relations


  • We are a team of professionals and each of us has relevant working experience being not merely a linguist
  • We are not subcontracting our work to any agency or individual except for our long-term partners
  • We are not hiring linguists from a "database". This means we are responsible for the results ourselves and do not intend to be liable for others' errors and omissions
  • We never use automatic translation tools
  • We treat all information as private and confidential
  • We are offering a true custom-tailored service taking into account every special requirement!

The world is a small place and so is the Internet. If a client is satisfied, he then would tell it 2 or 3 friends or colleagues of his. If not, a dozen of people and even more will be aware of a failure. Our reputation is too valuable.

Anyway, let us not speak about "how good we are", a sample translation or our first work for you will become the evidence thereof in much a better way.

Certain subjects go beyond an ordinary translation process. In such cases we are sometimes requested to write an article. If you need a comprehensive marketing support, the following steps are likely to be taken:

  • Website localisation
  • Writing a few articles for a number of magazines or newspapers
  • Writing a press-release
  • Arrangements for some interviews may be made

Each member of our team has skills to handle the above work

Sample Translation
We are ready to submit a sample work, which had been done before or to translate your text consisting of up to 150 words.

Pricing Policy
Our pricing policy depends on the following and matches the most attractive conditions of the industry:


  • volume of text to be translated
  • turnaround time
  • need to use document formats other than MS or OpenOffice
  • industry-specific requirements other than general or business translation
  • other conditions such as legalisation, certification by a notary public &tc.


  • time and subject matter
  • need for special equipment for simultaneous interpretation
  • meal, travel expenses &tc., if an interpreter is hired for a long-term period

Website localisation:

  • It would be right to say "translation" with appropriate marketing and linguistic comments and advice as we shall not be making modification to your program or CMS code ourselves for security reasosns. Normally, the fees for translation are applied if a content is submitted in plain text format.

As to daily interpretation services, we charge for them as the work is done by the end of a day. For complex translation we sometimes request payment for a certain part of a text to be done in advance.

Quality Assurance
We provide a 100% accuracy guarantee for all of our translations. We stand by all of the translations performed by our team members . If you are not completely satisfied with a completed translation, we shall fix it, free of charge, until it meets your full satisfaction. If there are any issues or questions, we shall work until you are completely satisfied with the quality and accuracy of your translations.

Quality Assurance Programme for translation consists of a 3-step translation process: translation, edition and proofreading.

A glossary is requested from a client before any translation has started. If there is no glossary, our team might complete it on their own and submit the latter to client along with translation. The further use of such glossary is recommended for the consistency of all other documents in the future.

For translations that require a strong knowledge of industry-specific information, we rely on subject matter experts to ensure the correct usage of industry terminology.

When you are in Moscow, we can meet at our registered office located in 11 Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya street near metro station Mayakovskaya, just 7 minutes walk down the Garden Ring from the Holel "Pekin" (Eng. Beijing) or in any place in Moscow which is convenient for you.

Your questions, comments, proposals and enquiries are appreciated.

We sincerely hope you will enjoy all of the advantages offered by BusinessTranslationSolutions!

Sincerely yours,

Michael Zagorouiko

and BusinessTranslationSolutions Team

BusinessTranslationSolutions , 11  Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya street, Moscow, 123231, Russia, tel. +7 903 120 80 57 info@businesstranslations.ru

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